Residential Child Care and Its Alternatives

International Perspectives. FICE International

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This book ist about children facing major difficulties of some kind, and requiring care outside their families. It shows that child and youth care needs to be professionalised and indicates how this can be done.

Part One discusses policies, theory and societal developments such as transforming government services for children; the UK's contribution to child care research and policy development; and a holistic approach to child welfare.

Part Two describes professional developments, specialprojects or concrete initiatives in child care. It provides case studies of the participation of children in their care, and of the preservation and rehabilitation of family relationships among children in residentialcare. It looks at crisis centres and at new developments in forster care.

The contributors are James P Anglin (Canada) , Peter Hansbauer, Wolfgang Trede and Mechthild Wolff (Germany), Roger Bullock and Keith White (England), Bojan Dekleva and Alenka Kobolt (Slovenia), Emmanuel Grupper and Irit Mero-Jaffe (Israel), Kaija Klap (Finland), Marc Noom and Micha de Winter (Netherlands).

This book is essential reading for everyone who works directly with children and young people who require care outside their families. It will also be of value to their managers, and to researchers and academics,inspectors, government and NGO officials and others concerned about thecare of children.

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