Children, Families and Care

Reflections on the first sixty years of FICE. FICE International

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This book traces the evolution of ideas about bringing up children outside their families through the history of FICE . Originally called the Fédération Internationale des Communautés d'Enfant, FICE was set up in1948 as a result of a UNESCO study into the needs of 'war-handicapped children'.

It soon became involved in supporting those working with other children living away from their families, eventually bringing together people from across the world working with street children as well as children in foster and residential care.

Nigel Cantwell, International Consultant on Child Protection Policy, describes the changing landscape of international child welfare within which FICE has developed.

Part I charts the history of FICE along side the changes and the continuities in ideas about caring for children outside their families.

Although in 1948 parents' needs were hardly mentioned, FICE 's founders were agreed on the centrality of stable adult relationships to children's upbringing, the need for children to be actively involved in decisions about their lives and the need for international action to combat all forms of child mistreatment. Now an international organisation of NGOs, FICE represents a wide range of interests in, and ways of meeting, the needs not just of children living outside their families but also of their families, foster families and residential care staff.

Part II offers a snapshot of the activities in which FICE members are involved from confidential telephone support through international camps, vocational training programmes and professional development to semiars, conferences, publications and research.

Part III offers reflections from two former Presidents and the author on issues in child care and on FICE past, present and future, which will be of interest to anyone working with children and young people outside their families.

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