35th FICE International World Congress

04.-06.07.2023 in Gqheberha (Port Elizabeth), South Africa
35th FICE International World Congress

After the difficult years of the pandemic, FICE International is happy to announce the 35th FICE International Congress "Healing our World. Children's Services - Thinking Globally, Acting Locally". The Congress is organized in collaboration between FICE International, the South African National Association of Child and Youth Care Workers NACCW and CYC-NET. It will be celebrated from 4th to 6th July 2023 at Nelson Mandela University in Gqeberha (former Port Elizabeth), South Africa.

Attached, please find the Call for Papers and further basic information. Additional information, e.g. regarding attendance fees, accommodation possibilities etc., will follow soon and will be published on www.ficeinter.net. We look forward to seeing you in South Africa in 2023!

Call for Papers

We invite you to submit abstracts for lectures, round tables, workshops, or poster presentations. Please use the form for download on this website to send in your abstract. The submission should be sent to abstractsconference@naccw.org.za by 30thh November 2022 on the following streams:

1. Living through the Covid pandemic in out-of-home care (foster care and residential care) for children, youth, young adults, and staff members

2. Lessons learned from the Covid pandemic period in child and youth care services

3. Projects and original initiatives handle Covid pandemic in children's services

4. Standards and quality control in the field of out-of-home care

5. Research on out-of-home care and education of vulnerable and at-risk children and youth

6. Educational achievements and advancement among children and youth in out-of[1]home placements and in community-based programs

7. Staff training programs

8. Training of child and youth care workers

9. Innovative initiatives/programs in residential-care settings for children and youth at risk

10. Transition from care to adulthood and independent living

11. Pedagogical innovations in child and youth care, and community-based programs

12. New approaches for education and care for children and youth in out-of-home care

13. Original initiatives and projects – their development and implementation in child and youth care programs

14. Special populations of children and youth in child and youth care services (for example cultural minority group children, LGBTQ+ children and youth, immigrants, refugees, disabled children and unaccompanied minors).

15. Children's rights in child and youth care programs and related legislation

16. Maturation and identity development among children and youth in out-of-home care

17. Living in a multicultural society

 18. Youth and globalization

19. Migrant and socially excluded youth

20. Counseling and treatment in multicultural societies

21. Stress and trauma

22. Victims and survivors of family abuse and neglect

23. Victims and survivors of gender-based violence

24. Children and youth in war situations 25. Other